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Aaron Boyle

Managing Director

Having left university in 2012 and realising how difficult it is to find a job once you have left education, Aaron decided to set up a traditional recruitment agency, placing skilled workers with experience. Not only that, he decided to also help people who are in a similar position that he was in, people without experience in a working environment.

“Boyle & Jameson is not just an agency for people looking for a job that they already have a background in, it’s also one that will help people without experience in a field that they are looking to start in. These people could be university leavers, somebody who has been out of work, or simply a person looking for a change in career.

I understand how frustrating it can be to successfully get a job that you have no background in. I studied Biochemistry at University, and although it is a great course with many prospects, I knew that the course wasn’t for me. Since leaving I tried looking for a full time job, but didn't have much success. It dawned on me that instead of searching for a recruitment agency that understood me and the new direction I was looking to take, I could set up an entirely new agency. The idea behind Boyle & Jameson Recruitment is total honesty between all parties. If you are a student looking for experience relevant to your degree for 3 months over summer, or you have worked in a previous role and are looking to start a career in something totally new, we need to be honest and upfront with employers and job seekers so that everybody can find what they are looking for.”

Aaron Jameson


Aaron Jameson has worked in the motor industry for over 10 years. Aaron chose not to go to university but to go straight into employment from school, starting out as an Accounts Apprentice at 16 and becoming Regional Financial Controller for a PLC group by 22. Rising up the ladder very quickly with companies such as Ford Retail and Cambria Automobiles PLC, Aaron then became Commercial Director for a prestige motor dealer in London. Aaron works as an advisor for Boyle & Jameson Recruitment and continues in his Commercial Director role.

"When I left school I had no idea what it was that I wanted to do. I met a lady, Mary Castledine, from a company called Way To Work based in Twickenham. They found me a role with Currie Motors as an Accounts Apprentice at 16, and found that it suited me very well. I worked very hard and progressed quickly with Ford Retail and Cambria. I know it's hard to find a job, let alone the right one, which is why we have set up Boyle & Jameson Recruitment. I believe it's important to make sure that job seekers looking for a career do not go into something where there is no future, and similarly for people who are only looking for a summer job while not at University. We need to make sure that the employers are aware what the job seeker is looking for. I believe in transparency, if we are honest on both sides on what we want to achieve then we have already overcome the greatest hurdle."

Aaron believes that a traditional recruitment agency will not have the understand that Boyle & Jameson do. Aaron has recruited a number of staff for all the companies that he has worked for and understands what employers are looking for.

"To find a job is difficult especially when using a recruitment agency that doesn't understand or care what it is you are looking for. That is where I believe we are different. I have experience of using a recruitment agency previously when looking for a new team member, one of the larger companies, the CV's I got were not what I was looking for. I gave a specific guideline to the recruitment agency and it was ignored. Made me feel that they were just interested in placing anyone and had no real care for the candidates they deal with."