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Afternoon! Just back from the long weekend and looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things! Today it’s the turn of the employers, all of my posts are directed at candidates so far but I think it is important for the employers to look at how they can also improve.

 The induction process is probably the most important part of taking on a new employee, and so far in my career there are few that really spend the time needed on this. In the first few days of taking on a new person, it isn’t only them that should be worried about making a good impression. Research has shown that bespoke induction programmes increase staff retention.

  So what is an induction programme? This is basically the process of introducing a new employee to the company and to their role within the company.

  There are a number of parts that should be included to make this a rounded experience for the employee;

· Meeting the people – an introduction to the team that they will be working with and around will allow them to feel more able to ask for help and feel less of a ‘newbie’. This should include people in and around where they will be working even if they will not have much contact with all of the people. Include senior management/directors where possible.

· Orientation – The employee will need to be shown the facilities of where they are working, where they can eat, nearest shops, smoking area, where their line manager is based, printers/photocopiers.

· Company Background – Give them a full background of the company and how their team works within the company to achieve the company goals. This is important so the employee can see where they ‘fit in’ with the company processes.

· What is expected from the employee in their role? – Ensure that the employee fully understands what is needed and expected from them in their role. Go through the job description in more detail ensuring they understand and are comfortable with it.

· Health & Safety – This is a legal requirement.

· Contract – Ensure they are happy with their contract and answer any questions they may have about it.

· Holidays – Everywhere I have worked this has been written in to the contract as a month’s notice. However in reality in months where business is quieter companies may sometimes like employees to take this time off. Go through these periods (if there are any).

These are some of the key points that I will always ensure is in any induction I conduct. Staff retention is key for any business and ensuring the employee has a positive view of the company straight away can only benefit the way they work with you.

  How long should an induction last? This all depends on the size of your company and how many staff are working within it. Ensure that the above points are covered in detail and revisited regularly for the first few weeks. Regular ‘reviews’ within the first 3 months are a very good way of monitoring how the employee is fitting in and feeling about their role. And is a great time to discuss how they are performing in their role and if there is anything additional they need. 

 Our new recruit! Ben Wallace has joined the Boyle & Jameson Recruitment team as a Recruitment Consultant. Ben will be working alongside Aaron and I, and he will become a key account manager within the business. I want to welcome Ben to the team and wish him the best in his career with Boyle & Jameson Recruitment.

What made me smile this week

Well not just this week but football is back on! So smiles all round from me. Unfortunately my team, Queens Park Rangers, were relegated last year but have made a storming start to the season with 10 points out of 12! Aaron and Ben are not football fans so it seems it will be just me down the pub for the remainder of the season!

Have a great week, and if you have any questions or comments on any of our posts please feel free to comment J

AJ Jameson

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