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Hello again on this damp Friday afternoon! A lot has been going on over the last couple of days in the office, the biggest highlight this week is we now have more roles for BT Local Business. We are looking for more Account Managers and also are now looking for Field Sales people to join teams across London.

Each month I read more and more about unemployment figures, and again it is looking more positive! Unemployment has fallen to 7.7% in the three months to July, however this is still a far cry from February 2009 where we had a 7% unemployment figure. The Bank of England have again held the interest rate at 0.5% and have said they will review it once unemployment reaches only 7%. People claiming job seekers allowance has also fallen, to the lowest level since February 2009, by 32,600. A total of 1.402million.

One interesting thing I have been reading about is the fact that almost a third of men working part time are only doing so because they cannot find full time employment, and for women the figure was 13.5%. The figures we read every day about this subject can be very confusing and not actually give us the full picture. Unemployment figures are based on people not only out of work but also people actively looking for work and available to start work within 2 weeks. The reason unemployment figures are higher than the claimant count (people claiming job seekers allowance) is due to people who are unemployed however either do not or cannot claim JSA (Job Seekers Allowance).

As an Employer deciding how to go about recruiting can often be a difficult decision. I have used many different ways of recruiting in my previous roles and have found there is no perfect solution. However I have found that by using a recruitment company my time spent sifting through CV’s and actually carry on with the day job is a great benefit… but only if you get the right recruitment company! I have worked with a number of different recruitment companies over the years and have found that I am still having to go through CV’s that are of no use to me. Speculative CV’s, CV’s that do not have the experience that I have requested, CV’s of candidates who the recruitment company have not had any contact with and lots of other issues that become time consuming. These are all reasons why many employers choose not to use recruitment companies because of the frustration in believing that it will save time but in reality it doesn’t.

What we at Boyle & Jameson ensure is that all our candidates are pre-screened for each role that we put them forward to. Making sure that your needs as an employer are met, from the experience needed through to the personality of the candidate. My advice for employers thinking about using an agency would be to ensure that from the outset you give as much information to the recruiters as possible. This will ensure there is no excuses for sending CV’s that just are not right! Ask the right questions at initial contact with a recruitment company; do you pre-screen all candidates for each role? Do you meet the candidates prior to interviews? Do you have experience in recruiting for similar roles? I have no doubt that when a recruitment agency is saying we will have CV’s to you today they are not doing the above.

Meet your recruitment company! This for me is something many employers fail to do and I think it is a vital part of taking on their services. Not only will it help you to be more comfortable with who you are working with but it also gives time for the recruitment consultant to see and feel more about your company and the environment that candidates will be working in. Do not let them fool you with the amount of experience they have, I have found recruitment companies that have been in the industry for a very long time but have become lazy with what they are doing and cut corners. Some of the smaller companies offer a much more personal approach to this and are willing to work with you at better rates than the larger ones.

Don’t be afraid to change. If you are not getting the service that you want or you think you could get a better service elsewhere then try it. Give new companies the opportunity to show you why you should use them.

What made me smile this week

Last night we sat down and watched a Channel 4 programme called Educating Yorkshire. It is a documentary type programme about a secondary school, the teachers and the pupils. It really was amusing to watch and brought back memories of my years at school. A must watch in my opinion. My favourite part of the programme overall has to be the young girl who is sat in class and announces to the class ‘Do you like my eyebrows? I’ve shaved them all off, shaved all my eyebrows off!’. Had me laughing for a very long time!

Have a great weekend all.

AJ Jameson

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