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Miliband’s Speech | Job Offers | The X Factor

Good Morning! The weekend is nearly upon us I am sure you
are all looking forward to it. This week I have been following comments from a
speech that David Miliband gave regarding the recruitment companies in the UK,
and his belief that some recruitment agencies are “hiring only from overseas”.
He compared this practice to employers not paying the minimum wage and the
“UK’s race to the bottom”. However not once during his speech did he back any
of this up with facts or figures. I am under no illusion that some recruitment
companies in the UK have no choice but to look abroad for candidates, but in
reality would it not be much easier to recruit within the UK? The simple answer
is yes, it would be much easier to recruit within the UK. So we need to look at
why this is happening.

My 12 years in recruiting staff for various companies has
come with massive ups and downs and I have talked before about what candidates
need to do in order to ensure they have the best chance to successfully apply
and be selected for interviews and furthermore job offers. The National Careers
Service has unearthed significantly poor quality CV writing from job
applicants. With almost 80% of advisors stating the most common mistake people
make is sending a generic CV to employers and further to this 66% of these
advisors have also said that this mistake was one most likely to stop a
candidate being put forward for an interview.

The Chief Executive of the Recruitment & Employment
Confederation (REC) said in response that Mr Miliband “should focus less on
demonising the recruitment industry and more on how we should train and invest
in our young people so that they are better placed to get the jobs available”
and I agree! As candidates you must help yourselves first, by getting the CV
correct and covering letters you stand a much better chance of engaging with

So with this in mind Boyle & Jameson Recruitment are
going to be increasing the advice on our website for all Candidates. We will
create CV templates and Cover letter templates which will be downloadable. On
registration with us we will also go through the CV with the candidates and,
when a role comes up, work with them to ensure the CV is written specifically
for the job at hand. This is not vastly different from how we operate. But I
need to ensure that all candidates are aware of how important this is!

As a Candidate managing Job Offers and accepting the
right one for you is important not only in the short term but also for your
long term career. We deal with a great number of candidates who are not only
offered one job but multiple jobs. Managing this and ensuring you make the
right decision is key to your future. If you are offered a job interview with
an employer then go to it! Even if you are unsure about the role, there is
always a chance the employer would offer you something else or keep you in mind
for roles in the future.

When you receive a job offer take your time to consider
the move, is this the right move for your long term plans? I don’t believe you
should ever make a decision on a job offer based on the basic salary,
understanding what you need each month and aspiring to make this a minimum
starting point is always a good way to start. Remember that salary is
negotiable in most cases. Look at the long term plans for the role(s) that you
have been offered and the potential rewards that you can achieve. For example
if the role is a sales role and the basic is lower than you would like, what
are your earnings potential working with this Employer? If you believe in
yourself as a sales person are you able to achieve what you need to and beyond?

We see a number of candidates who have jumped in to the
first job they have been offered, where they have taken no time to consider if
it is the correct move. Undoubtedly some of you will end up looking for a new
role within 6 months. This for a new prospective employer is seen as a negative
and you could be seen as a ‘job hopper’! Consult your family, consider all
aspects of the role(s) being offered from travel, hours, salary, work life
balance, training; and make an informed decision. Speak with your recruitment
consultant, they will be able to sit with you and assist you in looking at your
long term goals and how each offer will fit in with it.

What made me smile
this week

X Factor over the last few weeks has been very amusing
for me. Having Sharon Osborne back has been thoroughly entertaining, Louis and
Sharon are like two school children mucking around. This programme may not be
for everyone, and I have to say I do watch it not for the talent but more for
the terrible performances that beg to ask the question as to why their family
and friends have not told them a different career may be in order!

Have a great weekend all.

AJ Jameson

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