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2014 Tax Changes | January 2014 | Have a plan

2014 Tax Changes | January 2014 |Have a plan

Good morning all! Happy New Year! I know a tad late!! 2014 is going to be a very interesting year for job seekers and employers, tax changes, employers NI
reductions and much more to look forward to.

2014 Tax Changes will bring some benefit to how many people are paid. From April 5th 2014 the Personal Allowance, the amount you can earn per year with 0% tax to pay, will increase
from £8105 to £9440 a 16% increase! This will then increase again the following year to £10000. The increase of the Personal Allowance to £10000 to take 257,000 people out of income tax altogether!

It’s not just good news for employees, employers in 2014 will also see a saving! From April 2014 450,000 small businesses will pay no employers national insurance! The first £2000 of employer’s national insurance will be taken off. Simply put a company can now employ someone on £22,000 a year and pay no jobs tax.

January 2014 has been very busy for us here at Boyle & Jameson. We have a large number of roles including Account Manager for BT Local Business, Telesales Agent for a large technology company and much more. Not only do we have these but we are looking for a new staff member for ourself! The amount of candidates and clients we deal with a day has
grown to a substantial amount and we are recruiting for a Resourcer/Administrator
to work with us in our Brentford branch! If you are looking for a challenge
then this could be the role for you, email us with your CV and a brief overview
of why you want to work in recruitment to

Have a plan!! When you decide that you are ready to look for a new job then ensure that you have a plan! There is a lot to do when you are looking for a new role and if you are not organised then it can be a very difficult process. I have some tips that you should consider for when you are ready to move on.

1 – Update your CV and ensure that the format is simple and easy to read – make sure
that you tailor the CV for each role you are applying for. Key words are important and are different in each role. Even if the job title is the same for what you are applying for the company could be looking for specific information. The clues are in the Job description. Make sure it is factual, key words only work if you really have the experience.

2 – Know what you want to do. If you know what you want to do, where you want to work and
what package you are looking for finding a new job will be infinitely easier. Don’t forget that money should not be the only motivation for a move, if you want a career then look at the long term benefits.

3 – Apply for jobs that are realistic for you. When applying for jobs ensure that you
have the relevant experience the job description states. There is very little point in applying for a role which is asking candidates to have experience selling Telecom products if you do not have the experience. I know it can be frustrating if you want to change career and you do not have the required experience, in this case speak to your recruitment consultant explain why you are looking for a career change and look at your transferable skills between what you do now and what you want to do. Your consultant will be able to speak to employers on your behalf.

4 – Time off. When you have applied for a few jobs make sure that you are able to have time off over the next week or two in order to attend interviews. If you are offered
an interview and are unable to attend because you have not planned any time off you may lose out on the job.

What made me smile this week -

The return of The Blacklist! Since last year I got very into a US programme called
The Blacklist staring James Spader. It took a break over Christmas and returned to the TV this Monday and was excellent! Along with that I have just watched a programme RuPaul’s Drag Race… this might not be everyone’s cup of tea or what everyone thinks it is from the title, however it is hilarious and a new series is starting in February.

Have a great week!!
AJ Jameson

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