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August 2014 | Telecom Sales & Customer Service | CV


Afternoon all! Great news for you all; Ashish is settling well and is now working very well with the team and making a great difference already!

We have decided that our blogs going forward will always include some tips on improving your CV. I think that there are always going to be small things that everyone can do to make their CV better, and I will give you some of the most recent things we have come across to try and help you learn and have a better chance of securing your dream job.

But first; the world received some very sad new this week in the passing of Robin Williams. A man who from a young age, and I’m sure far into the future, has made me laugh and cry so many times. A great man who made the world smile. We at Boyle & Jameson
Recruitment would like to say thank you to him for bringing so much happiness to the world. (My favourite film being The Birdcage or Mrs Doubtfire!).

Telecom Sales & Customer Service recruitment is something that we specialise in. We have put a large focus on this over the last few months and have now officially made Aaron Boyle the Head of Telecom Recruitment for Boyle & Jameson. This move we think is really important for us as we have many clients in this sector. As we work with more companies and
candidates we know how important it is to have a full understanding of the industry and the requirements. The telecom industry is ever growing and such a vital part of day to day business that we all take for granted. It is a competitive world out there and we are looking for the best candidates that the industry offers. If you work in the Telecom industry, even if you are not looking for a move right now, you can register your details with us in order to be kept up to date with anything that may be suitable for you. Please send your CV through to us at and one of the team will be in contact with you.

Not only are we looking for the best candidates, but we are also wanting to hear from Employers that we are not working with. We have a fantastic database of talent and Aaron is on hand to help you with your recruitment needs. You can contact us at

Okay now for some CV Advice! One thing we have been picking up on recently is the amount of key information you candidates are missing off of your CV’s which is making it more difficult for you to be selected by a recruiter. One of these things is driving licence information. If you are applying for a role that needs you to drive, then put that you have a driving licence on your CV! I know this sounds silly but it will save time for you, the recruiter and the employer.

Another thing that I really have failed to understand is when people fail to put a phone number on their CV that they have either sent in by application or on a job board!! If you are looking for a job then ensure you check your CV has a phone number on it, and make sure it’s a current one! Again this will allow recruiters/employers to be able to contact you without delay!

Gaps WILL be seen as a negative even without speaking to you. If you have any gaps between employments then put the reason why in your CV so that the recruiter/employer can see what you were doing. Having gaps in the CV is seen negatively, and while it may be a simple reason like 3 months traveling, be sure that if you leave gaps then they will think you are sat on the sofa doing nothing because you cannot be bothered to!!! DON’T let them think that. 

What made me smile this week

This one is a bit different. But this week I have spent a lot of time looking over a dog rescue service. The service is called Dorset Dog Rescue and they manage lots of dogs all the time, fostering them, trying to rehome them, ensuring they are fit and healthy. They have a Facebook page which makes me smile every day looking at all of the dogs that are looking for homes who clearly write their own post! They do however need help. Rescuing animals is a very, very expensive thing to do; vet bills, transporting the pets, people’s time and much more. Their Facebook page is
please take the time to have a look and help in any way you can.

Have a good one!

AJ Jameson

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