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August 2014 | Finance Recruitment | Waiting for the right candidate

August 2014 | Finance Recruitment | Waiting for the right candidate

22/08/2014 Morning! A little overcast today and it is certainly getting colder outside  aside from that it is now nearly the bank holiday weekend!! With Robin Williams passing last week, Adam Hills has hit back at the Westborough Baptist Church, who has said they will picket his funeral, with a very amusing rant. If you haven’t seen it then have a look at this link…

Finance Recruitment is another one of Boyle & Jameson Recruitment specialist areas. My personal background is working in finance roles for PLC’s and LTD companies all over the UK and this is why we decided that we would specialise in finance recruitment. We have a number of clients in various industries looking for talented finance staff all the time from Accounts Assistants all the way through to CFO so if you are looking for a new role in finance or want to be considered in the future then please send me your CV and we will put you on the system. My email is It is always interesting hearing from clients who are recruiting for finance candidates, especially if the hiring manager has no experience in finance. We are here to help and advise as well as find the best candidates to fit your company, if you are unsure then please feel free to give me a call and I will happily go through my thoughts and advise you best I can on the solution for you. Ensuring that you have the right person in finance roles is really key, it is such a sensitive part of a business that you need to get it right, turnover in finance roles should always be kept to a minimum as it can affect everyone in the business!

Waiting for the right candidate, this is something I speak to clients about all the time. Too many times have I seen a client rush into making a placement taking on the best candidate of a relatively average bunch! And after a few months they regret it. As a hiring manager myself I understand the pressure of getting someone in but have learnt from experience that having ‘bums on seats’ is not the best way to solve a problem. So what should you do if you are waiting to find that super star candidate? Well there are a number of things that you can look at, firstly I would look at the role and establish if there is anyone (or a team of people) doing the same or a similar role. If there is then sharing the work load out is something to consider, you could look at giving other team members overtime, or part time members additional hours to cover the role. Utilising people in the business already is always for me the best way, you do not need to retrain, have a period of settling in, or worry about a new employee at this stage. Another way to fill the gap while you are waiting is to take a candidate on a short term contract. I would never use temporary staff myself as I think it is far too expensive to make it viable, especially in a small business. However with a short term contract you have enough flexibility to ensure that you are covered for an amount of time. If you do decide to wait to find that right person then make sure your recruitment consultant knows this! The recruitment world is highly competitive, agencies rush to get candidates to you in order to make that placement! Take the pressure off a little by talking to your consultant, get them to understand exactly what you are looking for. If you have a member of staff that you employed in the same position that is exactly what you need then give the agency a copy of their CV profile, this will help them find the best candidates for you. Take your time with the interview process, try to interview 2 or 3 candidates that are a great match for the role. I always liked to have a member of the team they will be working with in one of the interviews. This I found useful when the candidate is asking questions about the role, or about the team they will be working with. And will also be a friendly face for the candidate that gets the job. Further to this make sure that you do not set yourself to much of a target with salary. This can be the biggest pit fall when you need that perfect candidate. Have a guide that you would like to be within, but be open minded that if you find the perfect candidate, would spending and extra £2/3k be beneficial, or even £5/6k? Again in my experience yes. Penny pinching will not get you the best quality candidate. I can promise you that!

CV advice this week comes from a frustration I have had while recruiting for an Accounts Assistant role. I have come across 4/5 candidates who looking at their job role history look great, however for each role they have written 2 sentences, a most, about their duties! Please all remember that when a client or a recruiter is looking at your CV they are not just job title matching, they are looking to see that you have the right experience for the role you have applied for!! Similarly, if you want recruiters to find you and to want to speak with you, when you are putting your CV on a site ensure that you have put all your experience that you believe will help you find a job. Think about the types of job you would like, and ensure that your experience is clear and understandable.

What made me smile this week Operation Wild a programme I watched last night on BBC 1. It was incredible and if you are an animal lover then I suggest that you have a watch of it. The programme was about some amazing vets around the world using cutting-edge techniques to save the lives of animals. I think my two favourite last night was the Moon Bear who had an operation to reduce fluid on the brain and Fuji the dolphin who had lost 75% of her tail to bacteria! Incredible people who do these things for animals! You can catch up here

Enjoy the long weekend all!

AJ Jameson

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