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Telecom News – iPhone 6

Telecom News – iPhone 6

September 2014 | Telecom News – iPhone 6


Hi all, trust everyone is having a good week. Lots of exciting things have been happening in the news this week and this week’s blog is going to be slightly different to the norm… we are going to explore the iPhone 6….

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus where announced last night from Cupertino, although there were a number of technical problems with the live stream it seems that the iPhone 6 is going to make big news for businesses. I have an iPhone 5s currently and use it for work every day, different times and even in different countries. My phone is great so what could Apple do to for me as a business person to ensure that I now want the iPhone 6?

One of the main issues I find with the iPhones and always have found is that the battery life is not great. I charge my phone twice a day to ensure that I don’t lose my phone when I am out and about. Blackberry battery life is on another level to the iPhone 5s with talk time on the Apple product of up to 10 hours against the Blackberry Z30 of 18 hours. The standby time on the Apple iPhone 5s is up to 250 hours against the Z30’s 384 hours. So big differences. So have Apple addressed this issue? The answer is yes… and no. iPhone 6 (4.7” screen) and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5” screen) has some BIG differences, and I don’t just mean size. The battery life on the iPhone 6 Plus is really different to what we have been used to with up to 384 hours of standby and up to 24 hours of talk time. The iPhone 6 however still has the up to 250 hours of standby but an improved 14 hours of talk time. As we all know these figures for battery life are always in a ‘perfect situation’ rather than reality, but it is an improvement!

Okay so sometimes size does matter.. The iPhone 6 is 15mm taller than the iPhone 5s and is also 8mm wider. They have reduced the depth of the phone slightly from 7.6mm to 6.9mm. The iPhone 6 plus however is “Bigger than bigger” as Apple would say. The phone is 35mm higher than the 5s, and is also 20mm wider! Again they have however reduced the depth on the 6 Plus to 7.1mm. So why have they created 2 sizes? Competition. I went to Hong Kong in May and spent a week there working. Nearly everyone I met out there came into a meeting with a Samsung Galaxy Note… what to me looked like an iPad! I was a tad confused I saw someone pick it up and use it as a phone I thought it was a Dom Jolly sketch! However the interaction with these devices is a lot easier, and that is just because of the size. So let’s look at the size differences on the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.7” screen against the Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.5” screen. The iPhone 6 Plus is 10mm higher than its rival but the width and depth there is minimal difference. The weight of the products vary, iPhone 6 at 129 grams (the 5s was only 112 grames), the 6 Plus 172 grams and the Note 162.5 grams. So some notable differences there. For me the larger screen will make life a lot easier to read emails (on the 6 Plus turning the phone landscape allows you to view not only the email you are reading but also the inbox) and view documents. The iPhone 6 is now HD (1334 × 750 pixel 326 ppi) and the Plus is Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel 401 ppi), this will make video viewing a better experience on these devices.

The camera on the back of the phones are both 8-megapixel, the same as the 5s but they have changed the camera on the front. The ‘FaceTime’ camera on the front of the phone remains 1.2-megapixels but they have changed the sensor which now allows up to 81% more light, which will make it a better experience when using FaceTime/Skype for calls/meetings.

Apple Pay, although this is only going to be available in the US from October we could be seeing the start of a revolution, allowing payments using NFC on your phone. This is already available in the UK using contactless payment cards, but Apple has teamed up with American Express, Visa and Mastercard to allow contactless payment via your phone. So what makes this different and why would this be of beneficial for businesses? Security is the answer. When you are using a contactless card, or a regular card your card details are shared with the merchant along with your name and the card security code. Apple Pay allows you to make payments without any of this information protecting the details of the card. For me this is a really good advancement in payment technology and will allow consumers to make purchases in the future less encumbered by the ever increasing identity theft.

iOS 8 is also coming with the launch of the new iPhones. There are some changes from iOS 7 that will help businesses and their customers. iCloud Drive is being launched to rival Google Drive, Dropbox and others and this will allow users of iOS devices as well as Mac devices to store files directly from the devices. AirDrop will now be compatible on Mac devices where previously was only available on iOS devices. Making and receiving calls from your Mac or iPad that are on the same Wifi network as your phone. The devices will show caller name, number and picture (saved on your iPhone). Alongside this you will now be able to send and receive text messages, this was previously limited to iMessages. QuickType which has been described as Apple’s “smartest keyboard ever” offers a suggestion of words while you are typing. Security has been stepped up, iOS 8 allows more apps to use the fingerprint scanner. AirPlay now allows you to be able to connect to Apple TV without connecting the the network the Apple TV is on. This will allow you to continue with presentations where the company you are presenting to may have a complex network. MDM (Mobile Device Management) has also been stepped up with new tools to assist IT administrators manage the iOS devices they look after. Setting device names remotely, being able to see last backup dates and times and much more. So although iOS 8 will not be just for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus you can see some really big changes that will come into effect.

The phone design, although not doing anything for making business life easier, has changed and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus now resemble the iPad and iPod with rounded corners. The colours are no different to the previous iPhone 5s so are available in Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

Cost. Apple have decided to get rid of the 32GB option, but keep the 16GB, I think they have done that the wrong way round personally. They have now introduced a 128GB for both the new phones so you can choose from 16, 64 and 128GB. iPhone 6 £539 for 16GB, £619 for 64GB and £699 for the 128GB. The iPhone 6 Plus £619 for the 16GB, £699 for the 64GB and £789 for the 128GB. A friend of mine said to me last night that at the cost for these phones you could buy 2 laptops! True, however with a laptop you don’t get the versatility that these phones bring, and that comes at a cost.

So better battery life, larger display, iOS 8, better FaceTime camera sensor, larger memory, Apple Pay… I think this is going to be massive for Apple and for businesses in the UK. Although not all of the features will be available here straight away over time this I suspect is going to become one of the biggest phone revolutions we have seen for a while.

Have a great week, and once my new iPhone 6 Plus arrives and I have some time to use it I will give you an update!!

Have a good final part of the week!

AJ Jameson

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