Improve your CV

Every tiny detail counts!

Take a look at our top CV tips to get you through to that all important interview

We want to make sure that your CV is ready for every job that you apply for.

Tip #1 - Format – Keep it simple
Contact details, followed by a career summary, followed by your most recent job. Bullet points are a good way to show your experience without waffling! 

Tip #2 – Keep you CV up to date 
Make sure you have updated your CV with all your relevant experience.

Tip #3 – Make your CV relevant
When applying for a role you must ensure that you have tailored your CV to show your relevant experience. Read the job description and look at the key words and where possible include these in your CV. We can go through your CV with you to ensure that the first impression the employers have of you is a positive one.

Tip #4 – Get your career summary right
This is the first part of a CV that an employer will read. Rewrite your career summary for every job you apply for, ensuring that you include all relevant experience because this is what the employer is looking for.

Tip #5 – Use the correct type of language
When applying for jobs outside of an industry you have worked in, try not to use industry-specific language that might not be understood in other sectors.

Tip #6 – Keep to the point
Much time can be taken over writing a CV, most of which could be considered wasted. Employers look at your CV to see if you have the skills they require. Keep it short, to the point and again ensure that you highlight the relevant experience they need.

Tip #7 – CV Length
Two pages should be sufficient to highlight your career summary along with the experience that is relevant. The aim is to prove you have the experience, when you are at the interview you can elaborate the details.

Tip #8 – Be aware of grammar, punctuation and spelling
Your CV is an employer's first impression of you, so make sure that you have checked through it for any mistakes. Get a friend or a family member to read through it too, because these mistakes are seen negatively by employers.

Tip #9 – Do not lie!
Your CV must be the truth. Concentrate on the areas that you have relevant experience in. It's not the end of the world if you don't tick every box.

Tip #10 –Shout about your achievements
If you have an achievement that is relevant then shout about it!! Don’t just say that sales increased, sell it! “In this role I increased sales by 60% in 6 months.“ This gives you something to expand on in interviews, and is an interesting fact that makes you more memorable to your potential employer.

Tip #11 – Try to use keywords - if relevant
Keywords are important. If an employer is looking for an ACCA qualified Accountant, then make sure ACCA is on your CV. If they are looking for a Web Developer with C# experience then ensure it's there! Go through a job description, highlight the keywords in it and write your CV around this.