Interview techniques

You've made it to the interview. Now let's close the deal

You have got this far! Don’t let your nerves get the better of you. With preparation and practice you will be able to overcome your nerves and shine in a job interview.

Know about the company

Ensure that you have researched the company you are interviewing with. This will show your desire to work for them. Your recruitment consultant will provide you with company website and any other information they believe is going to help you with this, make sure you use it. It shows the employer that you are not just there for any old job, but you have an interest in working with them.

Confidence not arrogance

Being confident about your skills is great, but be sure not to overstep the mark into arrogance. Show the employer that you have the right skills to do what they are looking for, and be confident in what you are saying to them.


If you have done your homework on the company and you are really looking for a career with them then you will always have some questions to ask. Keep them relevant to the job you are being interviewed for and about the company. Use this information to help you decide if this is the job for you.

Examples of where you have excelled

Think about some examples where you have produced great results, and talk about it. Keep it real. Don’t make up examples to look good, you will be found out. This is similar to our point about confidence, be confident about your achievements and don’t be arrogant.

Reasons for leaving your current role

It’s important that you are not negative about a previous employer. Even if your current manager should be strung up, do not say that! Good reasons for leaving a job are - there was no scope for progression – you believe working for this company would be more beneficial to your career – you feel that it is time to move on (if you have been with the company a long time).

Preparation is key

Make sure that you have spent time going through your CV, the description of the job you are being interviewed for and the company’s information. ‘Mock’ interviews are always a good way to practice. Either at home with friends and family or with your recruitment consultant. You don’t want to be reading from notes, be confident, smartly dressed and attentive.

Turn off your phone!

Your phone should ALWAYS be turned off, even if it is a relaxed interview. It is unprofessional to have your phone on, and it will distract you from what you are discussing.