The Recruitment Process

What to expect on the journey to your new career

We are here every step of the way.

1. Application
Once we have received your application (from our website/job board or by email) we will review your CV and covering letter. If you meet the employer’s criteria we will contact you to discuss the role in more detail. 

2. Discussion
We will talk to you about the vacancy, and about the required skills needed in more detail. We will also talk to you about other things that are not in your CV (ie. travel/distance restrictions, salary expectations and notice period).

3. Registration
Once we have talked to you in detail about a vacancy, we will send you a registration document for you to complete before your application can go any further. We will also request a scanned copy of your passport. We require this information to ensure you are eligible to work in the UK and to verify your personal details.

4. Submittal
If at this point we agree that your skills are suitable for the role, we will send your application (CV & any covering letter you provide) to the employer. We will use information we have gathered to inform the employer why we believe you are the right person for the vacancy.

5. Feedback
We will always provide you with any feedback that we receive. If you have an interview request we will tell you what the employer liked about your CV, and if you were unsuccessful we will give you tips on how to improve future applications.

6. Interviews
We arrange your interviews, making sure that they are mutually convenient, ensuring that you have enough information to go and do some homework on your prospective employer.

7. Job Offer
Congratulations! You have been offered a job. We are here to make sure that from your resignation in your current role, through to your start date of your new role, you are constantly kept up to date with developments. We will arrange for an offer letter to be sent, along with your contract of employment and your start date.