Why choose Boyle & Jameson?

There's hundreds of recruitment consultants around. We're different.

We believe that we are different.

At Boyle & Jameson Recruitment we’re working for you! We work to find you a vacancy that suits your skills, the direction you want your career to move in, and to help you through the entire process.

We don’t cut corners, and we won’t waste your time. Asking you to apply or sending you to interview for vacancies you have no interest or experience in isn’t productive, and is a big reason why we started our own agency.

We aim to talk to every single person before we submit them for a vacancy, and before they go for interview we try to meet them (or if that’s not possible, have a Skype conversation.) By building a relationship with you, we can get to really understand what your goal is & save time by only contacting you for vacancies we know you’ll be interested in.