Sales & Customer Service Recruitment

Sales Recruitment is a very competitive business

Sales and Customer Service positions are fiercely contested, a large amount of applications are made for all sales/customer service roles we have ever worked on. This can be seen as a positive, however sorting through all of the applications can be highly time consuming. Boyle & Jameson head hunt most of our candidates to ensure that we have a great profile match for your job. If you want a candidate that has specific industry knowledge then we will find them. A sale marks the beginning of a relationship with your customers/clients so we understand that it’s important to have the right people on your front line. When your customers need further help then your customer service team are there to take care of them, again vitally important for you. We have the experience to find quality candidates for you to talk to.

Some qualities we look at when sourcing candidates for you –

·  Relevant experience in the role being applied for

·  Any qualifications

·  A desire to progress within your industry

·  Telephone manner

·  Experience in the role (B2B/B2C outbound calling, Cold Calling, Dealing with customer complaints, Processing customer orders, etc)

·  Achievements in previous roles

Aaron Boyle is the Head of Sales Recruitment within Boyle & Jameson and will account manage all new Clients. Aaron has worked on a vast amount of sales roles in varying industries (Motor/Estate Agency/Telecom/IT).  To contact Aaron please email or call 0203 675 8929.