Why choose Boyle & Jameson?

How are we different to everyone else?

We don't cut corners!

Boyle & Jameson Recruitment pride themselves on finding the right candidate for you, but not by cutting corners. We gather all the information from you to ensure that we can find the right candidate; not only from their skillset but we also want to match your working environment with what they will be comfortable with. 

As we work all over the UK sometimes it is not possible for us to meet all candidates in person, so in order to overcome this we use video conferencing, where possible, to ensure that we have been able to ‘interview’ them. 

Regular updates are important, and throughout the search for your new colleague we gather feedback from you. This helps us to further understand what it is you need, and if we are going in the wrong direction then we need to know!

Value for money is one of the reasons we set up as a recruitment consultancy, after many years employing people ourselves in different roles we know how important it is to offer value for money. We do not spend money where we don’t need to and that reflects in our fees.